Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy

The philosophy of the Faculty is to prepare students for responsible and useful lives as educated citizens worthy in character and knowledgeable in the practice of Pharmacy with a flair for excellence. To this end, the educational objectives of the Faculty are:

  • i. To offer students the opportunity to study pharmaceutical sciences in various departments;
  • ii. To conduct undergraduate teaching programme which will provide a University experience. These courses will achieve a close relationship between university experience and industrial practice and will produce a more immediately useful entrant to pharmaceutical pursuits. Besides, such a programme possesses wider educational and social advantages without conflicting with the broader objectives of university education;
  • iii. To conduct research over a wide field and to contribute through research, seminars and symposia to knowledge and application of science to pharmaceutical advancement;
  • iv. To conduct postgraduate and continuing education programmes;
  • v. To render relevant services to the community, and to collaborate with other institutions of Pharmacy and other Research institutes both within and outside the country.

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